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Create feature-packed, category-specific, mobile responsive websites for your customers, that make money for you. Within minutes. Without effort.盛大游戏官方虚拟物品

Our patent pending technology works to grow traffic to your clients and helps grow your revenues too.

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    At NowFloats, innovation is our lifeblood and we take pride in the fact that we, more often than not, stay a step ahead of the market. You (and your clients) get the full advantage of our innovation as and when we keep updating our technologies.

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    The product deployment is effortless and takes very little time. With a solid support system, we ensure you can manage all your clients easily. What's more you get recurring payouts upon renewals of the same client. Remember the goose that lay the golden egg?

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    Partnership with us comes with a complete training program that will ensure you know the product as well as we do, so that you can explain and pitch it better to your clients, depending on their needs.

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    Every partnership gets its exclusive and dedicated partnership manager from NowFloats' side. This will be your single point of contact for any request or problem resolution.



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